Enterprise Platform

The 4,800 Small to Mid-sized Emergency Call Taking and Dispatch Centers throughout North America are challenged with an environment of legacy client server installations with a costly and disconnected user experience leading to the all too common swivel chair methodology. These siloed systems are plagued with multiple keyboards, mice, Telephones and inconsistent reporting. This leads to further operation and training inefficiencies.


ezEnterprise CAD™

ezEnterpriseCAD™ is a comprehensive, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional solution that provides critical information to first responders and all its supporting agencies in real-time, helping manage emergencies as a team as events happen.

ezEnterpriseCAD’s configurable solution enables users to customize views to use enterprise incident management and its integrated Mapping capability in a manner suitable to your agency’s mission to manage safety and security needs when and where they happen. With ezEnterpriseCAD and its powerful line of integrated products, communications professionals have the ability to perform multiple, integrated tasks with one high-performance system. Backed by 16 years of development, ez911 continues to meet the demanding needs of PSAPs, law enforcement, Fire/EMS personnel, and other public safety professionals. Like every component of the ez911 Solution Suite, our CAD system was developed to be easy to use and easy to learn. In fact, the best way to learn any aspect of ezEnterprise is to just use it. Many users learn the basics of CAD in a matter of minutes. Mobile CAD is also available. It’s that EZ.

Do you need to text the Police Chief, page EMS, or send a fax to the fire department…all at the same time? Maybe you need to send a mass email invitation for a County meeting or a warning to schools about an approaching severe storm. With ezCommunicator™, included with ezEnterpriseCAD, this only takes a few simple mouse clicks. As the name implies, ezCommunicator understands, routes, or generates a page, email, text message, or fax, automatically and easily, including various combinations.

ezEnterprise Mapping™

ez911 produces GIS software incorporating the latest advances to meet the needs of Dispatch Agencies, PSAPs, local government and utilities. ezEnterprise Mapping is no exception, it integrates seamlessly with CAD and 9-1-1 to pride precise caller location as well as event management. Geographic Information System (GIS) data has played a 9-1-1 role, but it moves to critical mass in the NG9-1-1 environment. Delivering enhanced geospatial data and advanced situational awareness that dramatically increases location accuracy and reduces response times is key moving forward. ez911 is your strategic partner with a suite of tools and easy to use technology to build, maintain and display your data, your way. Backed by years of experience in Mapping and Addressing, ez911 provides technology that will help you navigate your way through NG9-1-1. Mobile Mapping is also available.

ezMap Builder™

ezMap Builder™ is one of the industry’s most advanced authoring environments for creating location-centric data to assist counties with their 9-1-1 response. Using ezMap Builder, personnel can design and author fully interactive content, rich with occupant details, location descriptions, with the most up-to-date information for current and specific content.

The foundation of any 9-1-1 system starts with your mapping database and the first step in creating the database starts with address collection and field verification. You begin by simply driving the roads within your County and the addresses are automatically collected with a Latitude/Longitude point. Your data layers will include street centerlines, address points and addressed structures, jurisdictional boundaries (city, county, police beats, response zones), emergency services number zones (ESN boundaries), fire hydrants, intersections, points of interest and reference data, cell towers, water sources (rivers, lakes), railroad crossings, and mile markers – basically any data that you need to capture. Almost anytime data is collected, updates need to be made. With ezMap Editor, there is no fear of old or suspect data. Revisions to existing data are just as easy as they are in the field, and can be appended to the master database instantly.

ezMap Editor™
ezMap Editor™ is designed to make post-data-gathering updates a breeze. With intuitive features that allow the user to move points and edit the address database, ezMap Editor gives you peace of mind – no matter what changes occur, your addressing database is always up-to-date and accurate

ezMobile CAD™

Is our answer to “Silent Dispatching”. This is the perfect addition to ezEnterpriseCAD in the Dispatch Center. With the addition of our new ezMobile CAD dispatchers and officers in the field can share information on a live call.

With ezMobile CAD the user can:

  • Silently dispatch first responders
  • Allows officers to work the call from the field
  • Share and edit information simultaneously

The Map screen is an important part of ezMobile CAD.

The map viewer in ezMobile CAD allows the user to see where they are and where they are going. All of the map tools and address information that is available to the dispatcher is also at the officers fingertips.


ezCADViewer™ is our newest addition to the growing list of products we are providing for Public Safety. With the addition of our new ezCADViewer for Smartphones and Tablet Administrators and Officers can easily track current calls and positions from anywhere!

With ezCADViewer the user can:

  • See all open calls
  • Check the status of active Units
  • See the location of the call on the map
  • Retrieve Call times

With our new ezCADViewer for Smartphones and tablets, Administrators and officers can easily track current calls and positions from well… Anywhere!!


Provided in cooperation with WestTel, our NG9-1-1 system supports the ez911 philosophy of easy to understand and simplifies call taking. With features like Caller ID, Live IRR to all positions and immediate ALI availability prior to answering a call, the state-of-the-art network architecture includes: Engineering to support all Next Generation 9-1-1 standards, designed to integrate with future technologies and applications, scalable, capable of supporting up to 96 individual 9-1-1 trunks, delivers high performance voice and data functionality, supports geographically diverse, stand- alone and cloud-based PSAP operations, fully redundant, continuously available, fault-tolerant system with lock step processing and seamless cohabitation with ezEnterpriseCAD. MIS includes Performance Metrics (Answer Time) call statistic reports to satisfy national, state and local reporting requirements for 9-1-1 call answer time metrics. MIS 2.0 also includes a Call Detail Record (CDR) with detailed information on individual calls through drill-down search results and management interface facilitates remote 24×7 system monitoring as well as continuous and comprehensive self- monitoring diagnostics.

ezDispatch Radio Console

The ezDispatch radio console solution serves as a bridge between existing radio, telephony, analog and digital communications, ensuring dispatchers have the tools they need to maintain safety and keep operations running smoothly. The unique design offers a no size limitation and no single point failure of design. Our custom console solutions are in use by police and fire departments, railways, FED, DOD, Utilities, and business enterprises.

ezDispatch sits at the core of your emergency dispatch operation. ezDispatch is purposely built for radio dispatch applications required for 24/7 operation. By converting analog audio to IP, radio traffic can be merged with telephony routing anywhere. The ezDispatch provides a complete dispatch console workstation. Its comprehensive feature set provides all functions required by Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and other dispatch services.

ezDispacth easily manages all facets of your LMR system at the dispatcher’s desktop. Whether it is police, fire, ambulance, transportation, electric utility, or others, ezDispatch allows effortless communication across diverse networks, including analog and digital radio, telephone, paging, and more. ezDispatch delivers all the dispatch capabilities you expect while also giving you the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide. The system includes simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single controller.

OPTIONAL: Map Creation and Maintenance Services

At ez911 we understand that you may not have the available resources dedicated to the task of address collection and field verification. If that’s the case, ez911 offers a complete turnkey package to build your map database.

Our dedicated and experienced team will travel throughout your county and collect addresses in a mapping and addressing system. ez911 collects street centerlines, address points and addressed structures, jurisdictional boundaries (city, county, police beats, response zones), emergency services number zones (ESN boundaries), fire hydrants, intersections, points of interest and reference data, cell towers, water sources (rivers, lakes), railroad crossings, mile markers and more. Once these points are collected, your map database will be developed.

Enhance your county’s PSAP emergency response efforts with ez911 technology, ensuring the right resources get to the right location quickly and efficiently.

FUTURE: Law Enforcement RMS

Law Enforcement Records will be a configurable, elegant cloud-based RMS that simplifies and streamlines data management with State and Federal Interface compliance.

Ryzyliant will provide modern public safety solutions. By way of its acquisition of ez911, Inc., it is developing a cloud experience for smaller, more rural agencies and will be called Ryzyliant.