Ryzyliant takes a revolutionary approach to Public Safety. We deliver a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire workflow, from the initial 9-1-1 call to incident resolution.

Empowering Efficiency and Compliance

Ryzyliant applications are built with efficiency and compliance in mind. They enable your PSAP to handle calls and dispatch resources faster while adhering to the evolving NG9-1-1 i3 Routing standards. Our industry-leading configurable work profiles also empower you to adapt the system to your specific needs. This unique capability allows you to tackle real-world integration challenges and optimize workflows to best suit your agency and personnel’s preferences.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Legacy Integration

Ryzyliant’s flexible architecture adapts to your agency’s specific needs. We can easily integrate non-traditional communications tools and seamlessly resolve ongoing legacy system support issues, including those related to end-of-life solutions. This eliminates the annual headache of maintaining outdated systems and allows your agency to focus on what matters most – serving your community.

Seamless Workflow, Measurable Results

Ryzyliant’s natively designed solution eliminates the need for complex integrations, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. This translates directly to saving valuable time, reducing costs, and ultimately, saving lives.

EDGE Platform

Ryzyliant’s EDGE™ platform goes beyond a traditional PSAP solution. It seamlessly integrates NG9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, Computer Aided Dispatch, Radio Control, and Mobile Data into a single system.

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.

John C. Maxwell

Craig Dollar

President and CEO/Founder

Craig is a seasoned successful entrepreneur and an experienced executive holding a range of senior and C-level positions. After several decades in the public safety industry, Craig founded Emergency CallWorks (ECW), which was acquired by Motorola Solutions (MSI) in 2015. While at MSI, Craig served as VP of Sales and Go-to-Market strategy before retiring in 2020.

In 2021, Craig founded Ryzyliant, Inc. and acquired a regional CAD & Mapping vendor, ez911 Inc. to accelerate adoption of Ryzyliant’s innovative hybrid cloud solution.

With over 39 years of combined experience in the telecommunications and public safety industries, Craig possesses in-depth experience in corporate management, M&A, turnaround, and growth strategies. In addition, he excels at innovation and disruption in all facets of public safety including dispatch systems, system integration, system operations, product management, sales, and customer support.

Justin McAteer

Chief Technical Officer

Justin is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur with a deep knowledge and understanding of computer software and networking technologies. Being very thoughtful, forward thinking, disciplined by engineering and shaped by a “what if” mindset, Justin provides unique perspectives concerning how to think about, understand and deploy technology. 

He is a well-respected software architect in the field of Public Safety and a contributor to several open-source UNIX, networking, and Java software development projects. He was instrumental in the success of Emergency CallWorks, acquired by Motorola Solutions (MSI) in 2015. 

Justin was awarded the prestigious Dan Noble Fellow award by Motorola. This recognition of innovation in engineering has been awarded to only 34 engineers at Motorola over the 90+ year company history. 

Prior to this, he led market development of innovative voice over IP technology and applications for Digium, Inc., the makers of the infamous Asterisk Open Source PBX, now part of Sangoma. 

Cristian Madularu

Principal Software Engineer

As a Principal Software Engineer, Cristian brings over 20 years of expertise, with 15 years dedicated to designing and implementing public safety systems, including radio, 911 call taking, and mapping solutions for Airbus DS and Motorola Solutions.

His expertise lies in creating highly available, on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid solutions with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. Cristian is committed to innovating and securing the digital landscape of public safety systems.

Cristian holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and has continued his professional development with certifications in cloud computing, IoT solutions, and secure coding practices.

Notably, he has been recognized as a Cyber Security Champion and has numerous high-impact awards and patent applications to his name.

Drew Scogin

Principal Engineer

Drew brings over fifteen years of expertise in mission-critical infrastructure, software engineering, and information security. 

His passion for problem-solving and open-source technologies began in 2001 while experimenting with low-level machine code, which ultimately grew his interest in autonomous systems. 

After graduating from Birmingham-Southern College with a Bachelor of Computer Science, his career has spanned multiple industries, including fin-tech and energy management systems (or “the power grid”). 

As the newest member of the Ryzyliant engineering team, Drew joins us after a successful seven-year career at Motorola Solutions, where he led multiple software engineering efforts and design improvements for their line of Emergency Call Handling (E9-1-1) products.

Elizabeth Dollar

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer and a founding member of Ryzyliant, Betsy leads the team responsible for managing all aspects of finance, accounting, and taxes. 

She has extensive experience in corporate finance, accounting, and tax issues for small businesses in a wide range of industries. She has over 30 years of solid experience specialized in Business Tax Accounting, Modeling, Financial Planning & Analysis at organizations including Hawkins, Moore and Cubbedge in Metro Atlanta and consulted with her own practice for multiple local companies from industrial distribution to construction. 

Betsy holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Troy State University.

Mark Fortner

Executive VP of Business Development

Mark has over twenty-five years in the public safety industry, ranging from being a technician to owning and operating his own service organization. 

He began his career in public safety at Tel Control, Inc., performing duties from manufacturing, to software testing, to technical support. He worked his way up to being the Lead Field Engineer and Factory Certification Trainer. 

In 2006, he and his business partner, Terry Ryan, formed RPSS. RPSS filled a need in the Southeast for sales, engineering, deployment, and support. Mark served as Executive Vice President of RPSS, leading the sales, sales engineering, and project management teams. 

In 2017, he negotiated the selling of the organization to INdigital. Upon completion of the acquisition, he served as Vice President of Business Development for INdigital. 

Prior to joining Ryzyliant, Mark owned a consulting firm specializing in installation of text to and from 9-1-1 and assisting his clients in regulatory issues and new technologies.

Betty Hall

VP of Marketing

Betty is a marketing professional and brings over thirty-five years of marketing and sales strategy experience to the Ryzyliant team. Her career has been focused on high technology in the fields of Telecommunications and Public Safety. 

Betty spent two decades with Intergraph Corporation, where she oversaw all marketing, events, and public relations for the public safety division. 

In 2007, she left Intergraph to found Astute Marketing, a boutique-marketing firm helping startup companies with innovative marketing approaches. It was here that she began working with Craig to help launch Emergency CallWorks, where she handled all marketing. 

She joined Emergency CallWorks full time in 2012 and continued through the acquisition by Motorola Solutions, until retiring in 2022. Betty holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations Journalism from Auburn University.

Jacob Dollar


Jacob has been a vital part of the Ryzyliant team for over two years. He brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as a staff sergeant in the United States Air Force.

Jacob’s military background equips him with exceptional organizational and problem-solving skills, which he leverages to maintain high operational standards and foster a collaborative work environment throughout the customer journey. This results in a seamless experience for our clients, including solution engineering tailored to specific needs, deployment expertise for smooth installation, and ongoing support with user training and technical assistance. By optimizing internal operations and leading a dedicated customer support team, Jacob ensures a seamless experience for Ryzyliant customers.

Currently, Jacob is pursuing a degree in software engineering, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in his role.

From call to incident resolution. Ryzyliant is there.​