Installation and Deployment

A technology deployment like CAD, Mapping and 9-1-1 ensures new or updated hardware and/or software is running flawlessly in its intended environment. Ryzyliant can manage the entire deployment process, which includes engineering the proper solution, the installation of equipment and/or systems, configuration, testing, bug fixes, customization, changes, and employee training and telephone support.

Don’t underestimate the scope of a deployment project. Technology is a long-term business investment that requires routine maintenance and user proficiency to obtain the desired outcome. Parts age, fail, and software requires frequent updates, and if your staff is not equipped to provide a regular routine to provide ongoing support, lean on Ryzyliant.

Service and Support

Ryzyliant provides help desk support and software maintenance for all solutions offered. This assures maximum uptime necessary to better support the communities you serve. Ryzyliant’s inclusive service program eliminates the need for budget-draining updates and upgrades. We offer one, three and five year prepaid software support with discounts. Support and Maintenance includes all bug fixes and feature additions for the support term. Hardware warranties, if hardware is provided and deployed by Ryzyliant, are available for the term of the agreement. If desired, the all-inclusive Support and Maintenance Program ensures hardware and software never reaches “end of life” and provides the following:

  • Support & Maintenance starts day of system “In Service Date” or 18 months from shipment, whichever comes first
  • 24x7x365 help desk and software support services & automated monitoring
  • Updates and new Features while under support implementation of enhanced functionality software upgrades
  • Optional Hardware maintenance, support & replacement support personnel ready to receive, analyze & resolve issues
Ryzyliant will provide modern public safety solutions. By way of its acquisition of ez911, Inc., it is developing a cloud experience for smaller, more rural agencies and will be called Ryzyliant.