Ryzyliant is dedicated to developing resilient mission-critical solutions for public safety agencies so they can focus on their mission, responding to emergency situations quickly, effectively, and accurately.

Ryzyliant is solving the unanswered market demand for affordable system resilience with the first ever hybrid cloud platform that provides local survivability for public safety agencies. Ryzyliant’s solution provides a highly differentiated 9-1-1 emergency response ecosystem by leveraging cloud technology, operational consolidation, work process convergence, expanded connectivity, and local survivability. 

From Call Taking to Incident Resolution, Ryzyliant is there!

Ryzyliant for Public Safety

Ryzyliant is a provider of modern public safety solutions.

  • Secure Access from Anywhere
  • Highly Configurable
  • Unified Desktop
  • Seamless reporting
  • Optional Network Services
  • Affordable for the smallest of agencies
  • Our architectural design provides superior resilience

Moving to the Cloud but worried about cyber storms and local disasters?

Choose the only Hybrid-Cloud with Local Survivability solution.

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Ryzyliant will provide modern public safety solutions. By way of its acquisition of ez911, Inc., it is developing a cloud experience for smaller, more rural agencies and will be called Ryzyliant.