The Decisive EDGE in Emergency Response

Ryzyliant’s EDGE™ platform goes beyond a traditional PSAP solution. It seamlessly integrates NG9-1-1 Call Taking, Mapping, Computer Aided Dispatch, Radio Control, and Mobile Data into a single system. 

Built on a foundation of advanced microservices, containerized development, and secure blockchain data storage, the EDGE platform ensures scalability and reliability. 

It also provides customized headset and audio integration units and enterprise-level functionality, ensuring a user-friendly and adaptable experience for your PSAP.

EDGE Mapping
EDGE Mobile
EDGE Alert
EDGE Radio

In addition to traditional stand-alone PSAPs, Ryzyliant’s EDGE platform architecture introduces a novel approach to implementing a distributed workflow across previously unconnected PSAPs. 

This could involve ten PSAPs within one county merging into a single call center or PSAPs from ten different counties consolidating onto a unified platform solution with distributed workflow connected by high-speed broadband networks. The end result is the elimination of nine closets filled with redundant equipment.

These new distributed solutions and workflow configurations are dramatically different from any seen in the past.

The hybrid cloud-based EDGE solution dramatically reduces hardware needs by 80% compared to traditional systems, eliminating the need for back-office infrastructure.

The hybrid cloud platform also leverages edge computing for local survivability, ensuring seamless operation even in challenging situations.

Ryzyliant’s browser-based user interface eliminates complex firmware and driver issues for operators and seamlessly integrates with existing third-party mapping or CAD systems using standard interfaces. This means you can leverage your current CAD or mapping system while gaining NG9-1-1 call handling capabilities and easily define an upgrade path to migrate from multiple platforms to our single platform over time without additional hardware costs.

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From call to incident resolution. Ryzyliant is there.