Ryzyliant’s Craig Dollar to present at National NENA 

Craig Dollar, President and CEO, will present “The Challenge of 911 in the Cloud: Local Survivability” at the National Emergency Number Conference in Orlando on Tuesday, July 2nd, from 2:15 PM to 3:15 PM.

As emergency services shift to cloud-based Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), ensuring local survivability is crucial. This means PSAPs must operate independently during wide-area outages or regional disasters. Local survivability is essential for:

  1. Uninterrupted Emergency Response: It ensures PSAPs can receive and dispatch emergency calls, even if the cloud infrastructure fails.
  2. Reduced External Dependency: Focusing on local survivability minimizes reliance on external infrastructure, such as internet connectivity, reducing disruption risks.
  3. Public Trust and Confidence: Relying solely on cloud infrastructure can raise reliability concerns. Local survivability reassures the public that emergency services remain operational under adverse conditions.

Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA) enhances local survivability by continuously verifying every user, device, and application accessing resources. ZTA contributes to local survivability by:

  • Enforcing Granular Access Controls: Limits access to sensitive data, minimizing unauthorized access risks.
  • Ensuring Continuous Authentication: Ongoing authentication prevents exploitation of compromised credentials.
  • Segmenting Networks: Divides networks into manageable segments, limiting breach impacts.

While cloud technology offers significant benefits, prioritizing local survivability and robust ZTA measures is vital for reliable emergency communications. By focusing on these areas, PSAPs can safeguard public safety and maintain confidence in their ability to respond effectively during crises.