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Ryzyliant MapBuilder™ is one of the industry’s most advanced authoring environments for creating location-centric data to assist counties with their 9-1-1 response. With Ryzyliant MapBuilder, users can design and author fully interactive content, rich with occupant details, location descriptions, with the most up-to-date information for current and specific content.

The foundation of any 9-1-1 system starts with your mapping database and the first step in creating the database starts with address collection and field verification. You begin by driving the roads within your County, and the addresses are automatically collected with a Latitude/Longitude point. Your data layers will include street centerlines, address points and addressed structures, jurisdictional boundaries (city, county, police beats, response zones), emergency services number zones (ESN boundaries), fire hydrants, intersections, points of interest and reference data, cell towers, water sources (rivers, lakes), railroad crossings, and mile markers – basically any data that you need to capture.

Ryzyliant MapBuilder™ is designed to make post data-gathering updates a breeze. With intuitive features allowing the user to move points and edit the address database, MapBuilder gives you peace of mind — no matter what changes occur, that your addressing database is always up-to-date and accurate.

Always know where you are

Almost anytime data is collected, updates need to be made. With MapBuilder, there’s no need to worry about outdated or unreliable data. Revisions to existing data are just as easy as they are in the field, and can be appended to the master database instantly.

Benefits at a glance

From call to incident resolution. Ryzyliant is there.​