Unified Desktop™

Ryzyliant EDGE Unified Desktop™ (9-1-1, CAD, Mapping)

Ryzyliant EDGE Unified Desktop™ is a comprehensive software suite designed to revolutionize the way public safety agencies manage emergencies. By combining NG9-1-1 call taking (EDGE 9-1-1™), computer aided dispatch (EDGE CAD™), and advanced mapping (EDGE Mapping™) functionalities into a single, user-friendly solution, Ryzyliant EDGE Unified Desktop™ provides call takers and dispatchers with the tools they need to ensure efficient and effective emergency response.

Increased Efficiency

Simplified Management

Flexible Deployment Options

Ryzyliant EDGE Unified Desktop™ is designed to meet the budgetary and operational needs of any public safety agency. You can purchase the system complete with all its features, or you can choose to implement it by modules. This allows you to prioritize your needs and get started with the functionalities that are most critical to your agency.
EDGE Unified Desktop™ combines NG9-1-1, CAD, and mapping to streamline emergency response.

From call to incident resolution. Ryzyliant is there.​