Ryzyliant MapView™

Using Ryzyliant MapView™ in a static location can eliminate the need for a cumbersome wall map. With a simple mouse click, an address with all pertinent information can be quickly located. Using the Detail View, in-depth information such as occupant information, location information, photographs, and more are provided that could make a difference in your response. Also easily locate vital information, even if only a small piece of data is known when using the search function.
With MapView the user can
  • Go-anywhere use
  • Full data control
  • Detail Views
  • Targeted Information
  • See what your dispatchers see

Ryzyliant MapView gives users the ability to view “layers,” eliminating irrelevant information. Re-center the map as you drive, or zoom all the way out to get the big picture view. MapView can even use Latitude and Longitude coordinates to pinpoint even an unmapped location.

Provided by Ryzyliant through a secure VPN gateway that connects the end user’s CAD data securely to the Internet. Simply provide approved devices and an Internet connection. It’s that simple. A separate annual service fee per remote user is required.

Ryzyliant will provide modern public safety solutions. By way of its acquisition of ez911, Inc., it is developing a cloud experience for smaller, more rural agencies and will be called Ryzyliant.