Ryzyliant EDGE Mobile™ is designed to extend the power of Ryzyliant’s EDGE CAD™ system to mobile users. EDGE Mobile provides silent dispatch, status updates, messaging, and queries to a variety of systems like NCIC.

Additionally, EDGE Mobile can utilize Automatic Vehicle Location ( AVL) for tracking units via GPS and provides extensive map capabilities, including the ability to query locations and validate addresses. The map works cohesively with AVL so the unit sees their position and movement on the mobile map.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed.

Map overlays can be added to provide more detailed information. All mapping tools and address information that is available to the dispatcher is also at the users fingertips.

With EDGE Mobile™, users can:

  • Extend the reach of CAD to the car
  • Silent dispatch (On Scene, En Route, Clear, etc.)
  • Includes Mapping with AVL
  • Officers can work the call from the field
  • Share and edit information simultaneously
EDGE Mobile™ extends CAD functionalities to mobile users, enabling silent dispatch, status updates, messaging, real-time location tracking, and collaborative map-based operations.

From call to incident resolution. Ryzyliant is there.​