Ryzyliant EDGE Mapping™

Developed in-house, Ryzyliant EDGE Mapping™ is integrated with our market-leading CAD Classic solution or as a stand-alone Mapped ALI that can be integrated with any 3rd Party CAD or NG9-1-1 system. It’s easy to implement and designed to meet the demanding requirements of critical emergency response GIS. Ryzyliant EDGE Mapping brings addressing, mapping, editing, and a geographic data desktop display together to provide your agency with a faster and more accurate emergency response. Ryzyliant MapBuilder™ and Editor add-ons fully complement the GIS suite for Public Safety. 

With Ryzyliant EDGE Mapping the origination of an incoming 9-1-1 call is automatically and immediately located on the map. The system logs all activities letting 9-1-1 dispatchers intuitively review received calls and access historical information about any particular address. With Mapping, ALI History, and Address Information, accurate data is readily available when needed. Dispatchers and Call Takers can also print on demand.

Ryzyliant EDGE Mapping™ features

  • Supports 3rd party CAD / NG9-1-1 Systems
  • Supports Stand-alone Mapped ALI
  • Integrated RapidSOS Location Information
  • Customer/Local Data
  • Off-line Operation
  • Themeable Maps (light/dark mode)
  • Mobile Breadcrumbs with Toggle
  • Zoom In / Out with Global Reset
  • Comprehensive Searching – Addresses, Streets, Cross-Streets, Common Places, Fire Hydrants, Mile Markers & more
  • Automatic Nearby Feature Searches – Cross-Streets, Fire Hydrants, Mile Markers
  • Automatic Reverse Geocoding
  • PIN Locations
  • Distance Measure tool
  • Find closest point feature
  • Supports extensive point database with images
  • Inspect Map Feature Details
  • Open Street Map and Satellite Overlay standard
  • Layer control custom data over Satellite
  • Weather Notifications and Radar Overlay


  • MapBuilder Integration
  • MapView for remote or mobile locations
  • Starter Map Datasets
  • Mapping and Maintenance Services
  • AVL Service
EDGE Mapping dark_1
Ryzyliant will provide modern public safety solutions. By way of its acquisition of ez911, Inc., it is developing a cloud experience for smaller, more rural agencies and will be called Ryzyliant.